Zoe Simpson

photo of a woman applying sunscreen protection

Tips to Avoid Sunburn

Published On: July 10, 2016

The summer means heat, and spending time outdoors. Many people adjust to the heat, and often spend a lot of time on the beach. Splashing in the water is refreshing and cool, and helps you forget the heat of the sun. But we often disregard the possibility of getting sunburned because we're more...

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portrait of a woman nail biting

Bad Habits That We All Have

Published On: August 28, 2016

Bad habits are what we usually promise to get rid of every New Year. Whether we admit it or not, habits are part of our lives, and most of us share the same bad behavior. And I'm not only talking about vices, such as smoking and drinking, which almost everybody knows they should quit and intend...

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photo of a happy elderly woman

Anyone Can Age Well When They Know How!

Published On: August 21, 2016

No remedy to aging is perfect for everyone, but some ideas can be incorporated into your personalized plan. Make it a point to work on living a long life that is as fulfilling as possible. Most age-related issues can be positively affected by your handling of the situation. These guidelines will...

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photo of a woman with daisy on her eyes

Allergy Tips You Can Try Out Today

Published On: September 18, 2016

I know you've had this happen before. A sneeze there, a sniffle here, and then a cough over there. This occurs at the same time every year. If this sounds familiar to you, then you more than likely have allergies. You don't have to for much longer, though. The tips in this article can help you get...

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