Tips to Avoid Sunburn

By : Zoe Simpson - Published On: April 26, 2017

photo of a woman applying sunscreen protection

The summer means heat, and spending time outdoors. Many people adjust to the heat, and often spend a lot of time on the beach. Splashing in the water is refreshing and cool, and helps you forget the heat of the sun. But we often disregard the possibility of getting sunburned because we're more concerned about feeling cool. Exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn, which must be treated to avoid any complications. Here are tips on how to avoid getting sunburned:

woman covered up on beach

  1. Do not stay outdoors during peak hours. In most cases, this is from 10 am until 3 pm. These are the times that the heat of the sun can cause severe damage to the skin.
  2. Cover up while on the beach. You should put up a beach umbrella or you wear long sleeved cotton clothing to keep you covered when on the beach, and to keep you fresh.
  3. Always wear sunscreen. Search for sunscreens with high number of Sun Protection Factor (SPF). The higher the number, the longer the time you can spend exposed to the sun.
  4. Protect your hair from the sun too. Apply a small amount of oil or sunscreen on your scalp to prevent it from getting sunburned.

Beating the heat can be done in a fun way by going to the beach. But utmost care should be taken, especially when it comes to keeping your skin safe and healthy. Over exposure to sunlight can harm the skin, which is why it is best to take measures to avoid getting sunburned.