Stay Safe While Having Fun in the Sun

By : Owen Metcalfe - Published On: November 22, 2016

photo of a woman on the beach

Families are excited when the summer season rolls in. This usually means summer vacations, beach relaxation and fun in the sun. However, it is imperative that families take the necessary precautions when being outside in the sun. The sun contains ultraviolet rays (UV) that are harmful. The UV rays are not only dangerous when the sun is clearly shining, but even when the day is hazy and cloudy. Many people do not understand the hazards that are associated with UV rays when the sun isn’t shining brightly. Research has proven that there is a direct link between UV rays and sunburn, as well as an increased risk of skin cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, more than two million reports of skin cancer are diagnosed annually. There are various ways that you can protect yourself and your family from the harmful sun to prevent damage to the skin. You should wear a hat with a wide brim, as well as sunglasses that wrap a large area of your face. It is important to remember that clothes do not always protect the wearer from the sun’s rays. Most clothing has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of below 10.

photo of a woman applying sunscreen to her daughter

The sun’s UV rays are the strongest between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. This is when many people choose to sunbathe, but it is strongly recommended to remain in the shade during this time, as it is very dangerous. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. If you want to have a tanned appearance, you should use sunless self-tanning products. You should wear sunscreen throughout the year, with an SPF of at least 30. The most beneficial ingredients in sunscreen are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone or mexoryl sx. It is important that you apply the sunscreen over your entire body at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure. The average adult in bathing attire should use at least two tablespoons of sunscreen.

In addition to the correct SPF for your sunscreen, you should always confirm that the product has not expired. Most sunscreens only have a life of three years. When applying your sunscreen, you should make sure that you pay careful attention to the ears and nose. These are the parts of the body that are the most susceptible to skin cancer.People should also make sure that they apply lip balm that contains sunscreen. You should be reapplying sunscreen not only each time you get out of the pool or water, but every two hours.