Be Tranquil With Meditation to Relieve Stress

By : James Yougler - Published On: July 31, 2017

Be Tranquil With Meditation to Relieve Stress featured image

The very competitive world in which we live has resulted in a lot of stress for the average person. There are pressures in the workplace and on the home front, and there are so many stressors around us that leave us feeling anxious most of the time. There is a tension which makes feel as if we are tightly wound wires ready to snap at any moment.

It is therefore imperative that we stop for a while and try to regain the upset balance in our lives. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is to use meditation to relieve stress . It can be done anywhere at any given time. It can relax us and refresh our mind. 

  • Guided Imagery. In this meditation somebody walks us through a visualization exercise. we will be asked to imagine ourselves in certain places or situations that help us feel calm and relaxed.
  • Mantra Meditation. This is a process of meditation in which certain words or phrases are repeated over and over again. By doing so, a certain calming effect is achieved, especially as it is accompanied by proper breathing exercises.
  • Yoga. Not only does this activity have a mental and physical outcome, it also has a spiritual side. An inner sense of calmness or tranquility is achieved when we do yoga. There are different kinds of yoga but the essence is the same.

With meditation, stress can be reduced. If done regularly, the overall feeling of a life full of stress and anxiety can be significantly reduced.