Avoiding Bed Bugs

By : James Yougler - Published On: March 11, 2017

photo of a bed with mattress casing

The likelihood of Americans experiencing bed Bugs within the next few years is a startling 100 percent. Bed Bugs are tiny insects that are nocturnal and feed on warm blooded creatures. These parasites will usually search for people or animals in the evening when they are asleep. When they find a host, they then ingest only a drop or two of blood. Bed Bug bites will usually cause an allergic reaction that is mild to sometimes intense. These insects are able to create an infestation quickly and are become extremely challenging to get rid of. It is recommended that home owners take certain precautions so that Bed Bugs are unable to enter the home.

Bed Bugs are able to live anywhere that a human can. They are primarily drawn to carbon monoxide, which is the air that we exhale. Bed Bugs are able to live over a year between their feedings. This means that they can feed one time and live more than a year without having another feeding. Bed Bug bites are similar to the reactions that people would receive from a mosquito bite. However, thirty percent of people can have absolutely no reaction to bites from Bed Bugs at all. For those people, they may have Bed Bugs and not even realize it. Contrary to popular belief, Bed Bugs can be seen by the naked eye. They are on average ¼” in length and range in color range from clear orange to dark red. Their color will generally depend on how often they are feeding.

photo of a man checking the bed with flashlight

Bed Bugs will primarily hide in the fabric of mattresses, layers of linen, fabric on headboards, clothing, luggage, and so forth. There are numerous reports of Bed Bugs being brought in with international shipments of clothing, books, tiles and so on.

One of the first things you must do to avoid getting Bed Bugs is to be meticulous. If you purchase something, you should make sure that you use a high powered flashlight and inspect everything closely before bringing it into your home. If you are a frequent traveler, you need to make sure you inspect everything, including mattresses, artwork, carpets, linens, and nightstands. Even if you are unable to locate Bed Bugs, you should be aware of spots that resemble streaks of blood or small dark dots. This is usually a warning sign that there are Bed Bugs, as these are their excrement. If you do discover that you have Bed Bugs there are numerous products available that assist you with killing and repelling them.

You should choose products that are natural as opposed to synthetic chemicals, as they are much safer for households with children and pets. It is recommended to use these products to spray not only yourself, but your personal belongings and luggage prior to traveling. You should also spray your children’s backpacks before they go to school. This will prevent them from bringing the insects into your home. This is also an effective method of avoiding head lice.